Sunday, 17 March 2019

Wherein I find myself ill and unable to type...

(This is not at all what happened to me.)

I feel that I owe you, my most esteemed followers, an explanation for the lack of blogging these past few weeks.

Please do not think that I have been neglecting this blog, though I am still not quite sure how all this works. However, it turns out that I have been ill.

More precisely, I have been recuperating from a gunshot wound to the shoulder. Nothing serious, I assure you, just a graze. However, typing with one arm in a sling is no fun and I still have deadlines to meet and stories to deliver to my editor. If if you'd ever met Jake Levonsky, trust me, you would not want to keep him waiting.

For the record, my injury was due to an unfortunate accident while cleaning the pistol I keep for target shooting. I was stupid and incautious, that's all.

Oh yes, and my injury has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Silencer has apparently been involved in a shootout with the infamous Switchback Gang recently. I'm just a writer, not a crimefighter, and I wasn't even anywhere near Manhattan when the Switchback Gang chased the Silencer across the roofs of Hell's Kitchen.  

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